Wire & Cable

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We offer a variety of Wire and Cable Tapes:

Shielding Tapes
Core-Wrap/Separator Tapes

These products are available in custom widths and as reels (pads or pancakes) or spools (traverse wound packages).

Shielding Tapes

These tapes are a shielding laminate with high tensile and dielectric strength.  They are typically used as shielding tape for coaxial cable and in individual pair in electronic cables.

Standard color of laminate is blue – but QEC can provide custom colors, upon request. We offer these tapes in a variety of gauges – both the poly and the aluminum. Available in reels or spools (traverse wound packages) at requested widths.

Please contact us for more information on package configurations.

Core-Wrap/Separator Tapes

We offer a selection of Core-Wrap/Separator Tapes. These tapes are slit film (typically polyester film of various thicknesses) which wrap and bind conductors, separating them from cable fillers and jacketing materials.  Typically used for power cable applications. Available in custom widths, in reels or spools. Please contact us to discuss your configuration options.

Bondable Shielding Tapes

Low heat activated three ply bondable shielding tape that bonds to polyethylene core and to itself. Typically used in coaxial cable. Available in custom widths and in reels or spools.  Please contact us to discuss your configuration options.