Custom Converting

We offer many converting solutions.  We can aid in special projects, new products/processes, or provide overflow converting services.


From a variety of master widths to a variety of finished widths

Corona treating

Treat film surface to accept inks or coatings


Specialty coatings for flexible substrates


Reels (pads or pancakes) and spools


Custom colors, basic designs


Combine a variety of substrates (films, foils, etc.)

Slitting & Winding

We can convert master rolls of flexible material into narrow width rolls (pads, pancakes, reels).

Our processes enable us to hold a very tight tolerance on the requested slit widths.

We can convert to multiple widths at the same time (i.e. different widths during the same slit set), making the most efficient use of the customers’ master roll material.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Contract Spooling

We can provide custom spooling services.

Master rolls are either converted directly into spools, or paneled first (slit to appropriate widths) prior to spooling.

Please contact us to discuss how our spooling service can help you.

Toll Coating

We offer toll coating services.

Our gravure coater is capable of applying many different types of coatings to a variety of flexible substrates.

Contact us to discuss how this service can be of help to you.


We offer laminating services.

We define laminating as the combination of two flexible substrates to form a unique single substrate.

We can laminate similar substrates and dissimilar substrates.

Please contact us to discuss how our laminating services can be a benefit to your business.

In-House Color Matching

We formulate our colors in-house.

This service is available for uniquely colored tabbing products or other projects that may use colored film or laminates.

If you have a unique color requirement – please contact us to learn how we can help.