We have recently increased our spooling capacity. We can spool wider width flexible material (i.e. up to 2.5″).

Traverse-wound packages (spools) are typically made of flexible material (such as film) slit to narrow widths (such as 9/16”).

The main benefits of running spools are the productivity gains.  Spools will contain several times the amount of material as a reel (pad, pancake, etc.), allowing for more machine “up time”.


Contact us to discuss how spools may help your business.

contact-bubbleTestimonial:  “Our Cabling operator of 34 years told me today that they thought it was Christmas!!  They were all doing the happy dance yesterday when they saw the product was traverse packed (spooled).  It makes a huge difference for them not to have to be constantly changing the pancake pads.” – Corporate Buyer